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Grace Academy

We have a philosophy; "if you raise children as peasants, you should not be surprised if that is what they grow up to be". Our vision is to raise our children to be the future leaders of their country.

Grace Academy is a Boarding School and home to over 150 orphaned children. We are also admitting orphan children from the community as day students.

Grace Academy will break the cycle of poverty for our children by providing a high level of education and a mentoring program. Our vision is to raise children to be the future leaders in their country and to impact their nation with the grace and love of Christ they themselves have received. We believe the way to do this is through education and opportunity.

For further information on the Grace Academy or if you would like to visit please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be our privilege to assist you.


Have a question or concern? Please contact us at 877-236-4673 or by email at admin@seedsofhopecm.com.

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