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Feeding Program

Nsobe Trust School is run by Mark & Fiona who are friends of Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry.  They also run a local safari game park.  Mark & Fiona saw the great need of the Bush Children to be able to get an education.  There were no schools close enough and many children would spend two hours walking to schools that were in a different village.  The schools, due to a lack of funding, have a shortage of teachers meaning children have to go to school in shifts - two hour shifts.  Children would walk to the school for two hours, attend school for two hours and then walk home for two hours.  This is the reason Mark & Fiona started the Nsobe Trust School.

We were so impressed with the work they are doing, we have partnered with them.  They are doing a great job educating the children but their heart goes way beyond the children and to the families of these children.  "They knew it was necessary for the children to eat a good nutritious meal to be able to learn."  The feeding program was born out of this need and now the Nsobe Trust School provides a daily nutritious meal to their students.

Nsobe trust school recently took a class trip using the Grace Academy bus.  They took the children to town and they encountered many firsts on this trip.  They were amazed to ride on an elevator and they could not believe that someone would live above someone else when they saw the apartment buildings.  If you would like to support this ministry, please mark your gift "Nsobe Trust School."

We also have partnered with Bill & Marci Hoover who are on the ground working with the street kids.  These boys are extremely poor and they try to make a living selling goods to people passing thru.  Bill and Marci disiciple, feed, love & take care of the medical needs of these individuals.  If you would like to give to this project, please mark your gift "Christian World Outreach."

For further information on these Feeding Programs or if you would like to visit please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be our privilege to assist you.


Have a question or concern? Please contact us at 877-236-4673 or by email at admin@seedsofhopecm.com.

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