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Buseko Childrens Home

Zambia is a country devastated by AIDS and poverty. Unemployment is rampant leaving 86% of the population living below the poverty line. The plight of women and children is especially heart wrenching. The amount of orphaned children is staggering and children are left to raise their siblings.

In October 2000, we purchased a one-acre property in Ndola, Zambia, with a large house and two smaller buildings. The house is strategically located near hospitals, clinics, schools, shopping and is located in the best area of Ndola. The Home is named the Buseko Children's Home (pronounced wo say ko, meaning house of joy). It is a beautiful place to raise children; with yards filled with fruit trees (banana, guava, lemon, papaya and mango trees fill the property). The setting itself is soothing to children traumatized by poverty and loss of family. Our vision is to raise the children in a family atmosphere and not in an institution.

All of our children are HIV/AIDS infected or affected; most have lost both parents to the disease. Many of the children, when first admitted were suffering from severe malnutrition and the effects of HIV/AIDS. They also deal with grief and other emotional wounds. However, within a short time they responded to treatment as they are given good nutrition and medical care (including ARV therapy). Soon they start feeling healthy and strong. The children thrive with the love and warmth expressed by our care givers and it truly is a house of joy!

We have a high caregiver/child ratio and the Home is staffed 24 hours a day. Our manager is a pediatric nurse and the children have regular visits to the doctors to make sure that they are healthy. In addition, we have a medical room stocked with medicines, antibiotics, first aid supplies and an oxygen tank and accessories.

Proper nutrition is a big part of caring for HIV infected or affected children; we have a modern kitchen and plan our menus one month in advance.

AIDS FACT: Up to 80% of children born to HIV positive mothers in third countries don't have HIV. (That percentage is greater in Western countries). Children born to HIV positive mothers might test positive at birth because of their mother's antibodies that is in their system. It takes approximately 18 months for a child to their own antibodies. At that time a true reading of their HIV status can be obtained. The children that come to us all have compromised immune systems and need proper nutrition and medical attention to survive. HIV positive children on ARV's can live almost a normal life span. They can grow up to be successful and productive citizens; they can have a family and children and make a contribution to their society.

The Buseko Children's Home is run 100% by a national staff. We have provided computer training, driving lessons and there is continual staff training sessions empowering the staff to properly manage the ministry and care of the children. The emphasis is on creating a family atmosphere. The ministry goes beyond the children to ministering to their families and community. Most of our caregivers are widows with several children of their own at home and by employing them we are enabling them to care for their own families in a sustainable and dignified way.

Evangelism is the thrust of the ministry and we see so many people come to the Lord through the counseling they receive at the Home. This includes grief counseling and helping people deal with the many issues of AIDS, ie; guilt, anger, shame, etc. Our prayer is that the children will grow up to be the leaders of their country. We are praying that God will raise a generation of people that will make an impact for the Lord in their country.

Buseko Children's Home Pre – School. To ensure that our children get a head start in their education, we have started our own pre school right on the Buseko site. It is by far the best pre school in the city because of the many resources provided by Seeds of Hope. It is a place where the children have fun as they learn by playing games, singing songs, doing puzzles. They are learning creativity, using their imagination, learning to dream and having fun as they learn their abc's and 1,2,3's.

The Buseko Children's Home was founded and is funded by Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™.

Once the children reach six years of age, they are transferred to Grace Academy. They live in a family setting with dorm parents and eight children to a home.

For further information on the Buseko Home or if you would like to visit please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be our privilege to assist you.

Have a question or concern? Please contact us at 877-236-4673 or by email at admin@seedsofhopecm.com.

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