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Thank you to everyone who supported our 2016 Fall Banquet

This years banquet was a great success.  A great night of stories of redemption, updates from our projects, and successful live and silent auction.  Thank you to all who attended this year's event and for your generous support.

 Banquet 2016

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

 February 13, 2016 we held the graduation ceremony for our     grade 12  class who just received their national exam results – all passed!!

 Grad 2015

Class of 2015

 When our valedictorians, Arnold and Cholwe spoke there was not a dry eye in the house. Arnold spoke about how the deaths around him that he experienced had affected him and how he is blessed by the Seeds of Hope family. Cholwe spoke about how difficult life was for her family but at Seeds of Hope she experienced blessing after blessing. Our hearts are swelling with pride for all our grads and their accomplishments despite overwhelming odds. We have raised these children and are so proud to see them blossom as young men and women ready to take on the world. We are so excited as they embark on their new journey to post high school education and the bright future ahead. Thank you to all who have supported and prayed and loved our kids. And a big thank you to Patricia Sanjiba, our principal who worked countless hours running our school and afterschool in study hall. We are so grateful to our child sponsors and donors, our dorm moms, our teachers, our staff at Grace Academy and so many others – Thank you! … and thank you for all of you who continue to stand with us as we raise a host of other children that will impact their community with the Grace of God they themselves have received! It is with bursting pride we present to you the Grace Academy Class of 2015.

 The Story Behind Seeds Of Hope Children's Ministry

  Hear Susan, the founder of Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry, tell the story of how Seeds of Hope began.  

The Mission



Items Needed:

Deodorant, Lotion, Shavers, Knee Length dresses 6+, Boys & Girls Jeans 6+, Underwear & Socks.  Please drop off at the Abbotsford Office. 

Education Sponsorship 

Education Sponsorship is only $7.50/month.  If children are given an education, they have the ability to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty that they have been born into.  Would you consider being an Education Sponsor?  For only $7.50 a month you can be apart of the solution. We will send you a quarterly E Newsletter to let you know how your gifts are impacting the children at Grace Academy. To sign up go here:

 Education Fund

From the Ashes CD

If you missed getting  your newly released copy of "From the Ashes" CD by the Seeds of Hope (SOH) Children’s Choir from Ndola, Zambia, you can purchase it here:

From the Ashes



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