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June 4th started early for the children at Grace Academy.  Excitement and anticipation filled the air.  The night before was spent decorating the cafeteria.  The American, Australian, Canadian and Zambian flags were hung and streamers ran from wall to wall.  Food was prepared, songs practised and school was cancelled.  Everything was ready and the day had arrived.  As many children as possible hopped in our 24 seat bus.  Drums, banners and the "Welcome Home" sign were loaded.  The rest of the children stayed behind but cheered and hollered as the bus left the driveway.  Permission was asked for and granted by the airport authorities to host a VIP Welcome, usually reserved for diplomats.  As far as our Grace family was concerned a prince was arriving!  ...they were welcoming their brother, Sherpherd, home.  

Shepherd was sent to Ghana for lifesaving surgery to remove a large hump on his back.  He and his caregiver, Annie, were gone for six months at FOCOS Hospitlal, a renowned facility specializing in spinal procedures.  Shepherd first came to us in March 2013.  He was living in extremely poor conditions in another orphanage.  The hump on his back was pressing against his spine causing him to be incontinent.  When he messed himself, he did not have a mom to care for him, clean him or supply a change of clothes.  All he had was devastating shame and jeers from others.  When Shepherd was admitted to Grace he was warmly received by his new brothers and sisters and instantly loved by his new dorm mom.  We made sure he had pull ups to wear so he wasn't embarassed.  Immediately we began to look for medical help for him.  Shepherd and Annie flew to Ghana in December and surgery took place March 6th.

Grace Academy is a place where miracles happen and lives are transformed.  Our children come to us suffering the effects of malnutrition, sickness, extended family rejection, and grief of losing parents and home.  Many children come bewildered by their loss and suffering, but everything changes for them as they are loved and cared for and as they learn that God loves them and how special they are.  As Shepherd's plane arrived on the tarmac a celebration erupted.  Drums started beating, and the kids started singing, shouting and dancing.  Other people wondered what was going on.  Who was arriving?  Why all the fuss?  Finally, Shepherd and Annie walked through the arrivals door expecting only to find a driver to pick them up, not anyone else.  Both their faces lit up with joy... the joy of knowing they are loved, honoured, cherished and part of a really big family!  Thank you for being a part of this family too.  Thank you for helping us help children in desperate need and for truly making a difference in their lives.

by John Chalkias, Execitive Director
(as taken from our Summer 2014 Newsletter)
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