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This Christmas you can give the gift of a miracle.

by John Chalkias, Executive Director

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners... Isaiah 61

The above scripture describes the mission and reason for the birth of Jesus.  He is our ransom and redemption.  He came to set us free and enable us to come to God without condemnation, truly good news!   As Christ's followers we are to continue this ministry of  reconciliation and deliverance.

Prisca is four years old, she was admitted to Grace Academy a few months ago.  She is suffering from Arthrogryposis, a disease that affects the joints.  Her legs are locked in a crossed position,  she is unable to walk and she has very limited use of her arms.  However, none of this seems to slow her down.  She wants to take part in everything the other kids are doing.  She is fiercely independent and always smiling about something.  She is very vocal and always has something to say, it usually is very cute and melts your heart.  However, she has a mind of her own and insists on certain things.  

For example,  she insists on using the toilet and will NOT wear diapers. She came to us from another orphanage where she was not getting the love and care that she needs. She basically was laid on the floor all day with other children who were  in severely vegetative states. No one picked her up and cuddled her or played with her. She did not receive any stimulation or affection.  There are very few facilities for handicapped children in Zambia and the few that they have are under-staffed and under trained to properly care for children with special needs. Despite her handicap she is extremely intelligent and has huge potential. She is attending Grace Academy and loves being in school and with other children.

We have been corresponding with several doctors and medical facilities around the globe trying to get help for Prisca.  After viewing her x-rays and medical records many doctors are thinking there is treatment that will help her with mobility or even to walk.  She will require surgery and lots of physiotherapy.  

She is scheduled to go to Ghana to FOCOS hospital for preliminary examinations on December 18. 

 This Christmas will you consider helping us give the gift of a miracle to Prisca? Please mark your gift "Prisca".

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