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With great sadness we announce the loss of two of our children   

                      Blessing Tembo and Prisca

Blessing Tembo went to be with Jesus on October 31st. Blessing Tembo was really well liked by everyone and he had many friends.  He was a wonderfully talented artist who loved to play sports and was an extremely thoughtful individual.  On Friday October 30th, Blessing was taken to the clinic with a fever, then later sent home and told that he was fine.  Friday evening he was helping set up the sound system for the grand opening of phase 3 of Grace Academy.  The next morning he was found unconscious and he passed away enroute to the hospital.  Blessing was two days short of his sixteenth birthday.

Prisca was always the life of the party.  She was so vibrant and her smile was contagious. Prisca had been in Ghana since February undergoing some medical procedures to correct her Arthrogryposis.  Her last surgery was on October 28th to correct one of her elbows.  She had always come through her surgeries so well and this one was no different.  The doctors were very happy with how the surgery went and soon after she had been able to stand on her legs for the first time in her life and was beginning physiotherapy.  We have no idea why, but suddenly her health took a turn and her body began to shut down.  She was quickly moved into ICU and put on life support.  She was surrounded by three of her Seeds of Hope/Grace family who never left her side.  On November 9th early in the morning her heart started to beat really fast for a number of hours, and then at 3:30 pm Prisca left to go into Jesus' arms.   Prisca was 5 years old.

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