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Grace 2 Canada Tour

The Grace Academy Choir is coming to Canada this summer. Please check out the calendar below and plan to attend one of the events in your area.Grace 2 Canada Schedule Click here for a printable calendar or Click here for a printable copy of their schedule list with addresses.

Helping Prisca Walk


 Shepherd and Prisca arrived at FOCOS Hospital in Ghana. Shepherd for a check up on his spinal surgery he underwent last year and for new surgeries on his feet. Prisca is suffering from Arthrogryposis.  Her limbs are in a locked position and she has very little motion in her limbs.  Doctors in Zambia have said she will never walk.  Our prayer is that she will be leaping and praising God! After her visit with the doctor at FOCOS Hospital, he said that his goal is that she will walk in one year! Please join us with praying for Prisca.

 Both Shepherd and Prisca are having their corrective surgery on their feet this week.  Prisca will have multiple surgeries and intense physiotherapy.  Her treatment is expected to take about one year.  The costs are quite significant as we are also providing for her caregiver and all airfares.  We need your help.  Would you consider donation to the costs of surgeries and care for Prisca? Please visit our Donate page, and press on the link Urgent Needs.  Or press the picture of Prisca below to take you directly to the Paypal window.




Out of the Ashes CD

Seeds of Hope (SOH) Children’s Choir from Ndola, Zambia, are coming to Canada in July and have been hard at work recording an album titled "Out of the Ashes."  We have reached our goal of $7500 for the cost of production of this album. Thank you to everyone who gave.  At the end of this month the CD will be available for purchase thru our website and they will also be available at all the Grace 2 Canada Choir events.


Grace 2 Canada Tour Schedule

Meet us at Cultus Lake with your picnic lunch.  We will enjoy a relaxing time with the Grace Academy Choir.

Grace to Canada Team  Prisca & Shepherd in Ghana

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