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2nd Annual GENTS Camp - April

We are very excited to be able to take all our boys aged 14 and older to camp at the the beginning of April.  Last year we partnered with an Australian Ministry, GENTS Camp, whose mission "is to develop in boys, real manhood and authentic Christian faith."  At the completion of GENTS Camp last year, we realized how imperative this camp was to our boys because they have very few men in their lives. We decided that it needed to be an annual event.

GENTS Camp Australia will be partnering with us again this year.  The boys will enjoy many rough and tough games with lots of physical activitity as well as times of small group discussions on issues that are relevant to boys and what it means to become a godly man.   You can help us send our boys to camp by going to the "DONATE" button on the top of this page and mark your gift, "Camp."

 Gents CampGents Camp


 The Story Behind Seeds Of Hope Children's Ministry

  Hear Susan, the founder of Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry, tell the story of how Seeds of Hope began.  

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Items Needed:

Deodorant, Lotion, Shavers, Knee Length dresses 6+, Boys & Girls Jeans 6+, Underwear & Socks.  Please drop off at the Abbotsford Office. 

Education Sponsorship 

Education Sponsorship is only $7.50/month.  If children are given an education, they have the ability to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty that they have been born into.  Would you consider being an Education Sponsor?  For only $7.50 a month you can be apart of the solution. We will send you a quarterly E Newsletter to let you know how your gifts are impacting the children at Grace Academy. To sign up go here:

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From the Ashes CD

If you missed getting  your newly released copy of "From the Ashes" CD by the Seeds of Hope (SOH) Children’s Choir from Ndola, Zambia, you can purchase it here:

From the Ashes



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