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Where Most Needed

Your gift to ‘Where Most Needed’ will be used to help meet the ministry’s most critical needs.

Solar Power

Give the gift of ‘power’ this Christmas. Grace is regularly without power 12 hours or more a day making everyday living a challenge. Without power we have no refrigerators or freezers and no running water. To solve this problem, we are installing solar panels. No gift amount is too small - all gifts given to ‘Solar’ will go towards lighting up Grace Academy!

Farming Project

Children’s homes are complete, school is complete, special needs house is complete; Buseko is onto the next phase: which is becoming self-sustainable! We are currently in the process of building chicken barns. We will be having both layers and broilers. The chickens will be for both consumption and profit. You can be part of this exciting venture. Give a gift of ‘Farming’ today!!

Medical Care for Our Children

Sometimes our children require medical procedures that their sponsorship funds do not cover.  Please consider a gift of any amount.

By Donation (CAD)


Art Supplies

Paper, Paint, Crafts, etc.

By Donation (CAD)

Music Supplies

Guitar Strings, Music Stands, Sheet Music, etc.

By Donation (CAD)


Medical Room

Help to stock our medical room with malaria medication, de-worming medication, antibiotics, first-aid supplies, etc.

By Donation (CAD)

Treated Mosquito Net

In Zambia, there are malaria carrying mosquitoes. The biggest risk is from dusk to dawn. Repellant coated mosquito nets provide protection against being bit. Your gift of a mosquito net provides protection from malaria to a child while they sleep.

$20.00 (CAD)

Medical Care for Our Staff

This could include malaria medication, lab work, HIV Treatment, etc.

$30.00 (CAD)


Widow's Jar

Poverty continues to be a huge problem in Zambia and with poverty comes medical, housing and everyday life challenges. Seeds of Hope has a fund called ‘Widows Jar’ which gives us the opportunity to reach out and help people in crisis. Recently we fixed a roof and steps for an elderly gramma who was literally crawling into her home. You can help by donating this Christmas to ‘Widows Jar’!

Feeding Program

In the areas where we work in Ndola Zambia, there are still children suffering from hunger & malnutrition. Seeds of Hope has a feeding program that feeds street children every week. We also support a rural school meal program because it is hard to learn on an empty tummy. Send in your Christmas donation and help us feed children that may not have a nutritious meal without our help.

One month is: $1000 dollars
One week: $230 dollars
One day: $46 dollars (programs run 5 days a week)

# Days of Support

Nuu Rain

You can be a part of Seeds of Hope’s new ministry. Nuu Rain is serving HIV women and children in Thailand. Help to provide ‘Hygiene & Toiletry Packs’ the ladies.


A Gift for Yourself or to Send to a Friend

From the Ashes CD - New Release

In May 2015, Five Acres Studios and Fire Canvas Productions flew to Ndola, Zambia to record this album with the children at Grace Academy. The goal is to use the album and film made there to raise funds and bring awareness to the ongoing needs of the children of Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry.

1 CD is $12.00 (CAD) plus S/H

Grace Academy Choir CD

The original Grace Academy Choir CD. Recorded in Zambia in 2011.

1 CD is $12.00 (CAD) includes S/H.

Shadows of Promise Book

Learn about the lives of the children we touch, "Shadows of Promise" takes you through one little girl's experience.

1 Book is $15.00 (CAD) includes S/H.

Seeds of Hope Coffee

5lb Coffee Bag

A fresh 5lb bag of our organic, fair trade and locally roasted coffee!

There are six types available: Dark Roast Whole Bean, Dark Roast Ground, Medium Roast Whole Bean, Medium Roast Ground, Decaf Whole Bean and Decaf Ground.

1 bag of 5lb coffee is $69.00 (CAD) and includes shipping and handling.

Variety of Coffee
300g Coffee

A fresh 300g bag of our organic, fair trade and locally roasted coffee!

We have six types available: Dark Roast Whole Bean, Dark Roast Ground, Medium Roast Whole Bean, Medium Roast Ground, Decaf Whole Bean and Decaf Ground.

2 bags of 300g coffee is $31.90 (CAD) and includes shipping and handling. 

Variety of Coffee

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